Best Tennis Racket For Beginners (TOP 7 CHOICES)

best tennis racket for beginners

If you want to start playing tennis, it is vital to get an excellent racket to play with you. That said, choosing a suitable racquet is definitely a difficult job at all.

You might not know this, but there’re a bunch of brands out there with different designs and features. Some are great, while some can disappoint you as well.

To help you out in making the right decision, we have compiled a list of the best tennis racket for beginners below with detailed information. Are you eager to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

What Is The Best Tennis Racket For Beginners?

Product images Product names Editor's rating Price
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket 4.9 See latest price
HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet 4.8 See latest price
Babolat Boost D Tennis Racquet 4.8 See latest price
Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket 4.8 See latest price
HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet 4.7 See latest price
Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19 Tennis Racquet 4.7 See latest price
HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet 4.6 See latest price


#1. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

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The fourth position on our list belongs to the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3. This racket comes strung so that you could play with it in a game right away.

As you may know, pre-strung racquets are ideal for recreational players and novices as you will not need to concern getting it stung at string tension.

That said, if the strings of the racket snap, it will be helpful to get it is strung with the brand’s Ultra Synthetic Gut Natural that is tensioned at 58lbs.

We would say this racket is among the best beginner tennis racquets out there mainly due to its special design and breakthrough technologies.

Its oversized head, for example, measures at 110 sq inches, which provides a great sweet spot for players.

Plus, the sweet spot of the racket is also attributable to open string pattern of 16×20, 28mm dual taper beam width, and 10-point head heavy frame. Thanks to that, the racket could create much power and generate large forgiveness for every off-center shot.

Besides, this product is about 27.5 inches in length, which increases the reach of the players for further balls, volleys, and serves.

On top of that, it is introduced a sophisticated innovation technology to enhance its overall power output.

And you will be impressed when knowing that it is made of Hyper Carbon that is a special material that people often use in the aerospace sector to build modern airplanes and satellites.

Any cons? We would say yes to this. We find that its full swings could create too much power, which makes it difficult for beginners to control the ball.


  • Bigger beam width
  • Frame delivers great power
  • Big sweet spot


  • Too much power generated by full swings

#2. HEAD Ti.S6

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Our top pick is the Head Ti.S6. At the first look, this is a racquet with a head-heavy widebody and straight beam. The straight beam widebody is 28.5mm, referring to the beam width around the Head Ti.S6. Additionally, it comes with thinner beams of about 22mm and the biggest being 28mm, which is the reason why many players praise this racquet a lot for its power out.

Notably, it is made of titanium and is very lightweight (only 8.9 ounces). Not only does it offer powerful performance, but it also gains better control than its predecessors like the Tis7.

What we are also impressed with this product is that it features a sturdy frame that delivers outstanding torsional stability. You will be into this racquet as it could do best in your hands with medium to compact stroke styles.

Plus, you could get a big sweet spot as the head size reaches up to 115 square inches. This will bend a great power balance that is tempered with open string patterns.

Another big selling point of this racket is that it is pre-strung. And it is a huge benefit for tennis novices to play with the racquet right when they get it. They will not have to concern knowing about a string tension or getting it strung at shops.

Besides, if the string snap by chance, there is no need to worry as its string tension weighs 61 pounds, and it is strung with the brand’s synthetic gut 16-silver. Such a perfect range!

As mentioned above, this racquet is a great choice for newbies as it will let you gain more confidence in your shots. Thanks to that, players could improve their skills and deliver better and better shots in the middle.

Moreover, if you are a recreational player, you could have all of the desired power on the court with no need to expend too much energy.

Additionally, with power-focused features and light structure, the racket will take lesser efforts than other models to help you get an optimal swing speed, particularly when you have medium to short yet solid swings.

On top of that, the racket is quite durable and is able to withstand the court pressures as it achieves 75 in the rating of frame stiffness. Aside from that, mobility, lightweight design, and durability are major highlights of the Head Ti.S6 as well.

The only problem with this product is that it does not come with a headcover.

In a nutshell, we consider it the best tennis racquet for novices and do not have any big complaints about its performance at all.


  • Sturdy titanium-made construction
  • Big sweet spot
  • Open string pattern
  • Sturdy frame
  • Excellent control


  • No headcover

#3. Babolat Boost D Tennis Racquet

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Another name from the brand Babolat on our list is the Babolat 2019 Boost D. We are pretty sure that some will wonder when this racket is recommended for tennis novices. However, we still think it is an excellent choice for tennis novices. The reason lies in the fact that it let them develop with it. Since your skills grow on tennis courts, you could keep playing with this product instead of buying another racket for intermediate players.

Another great point about this racket is that you could play with it for years. A bunch of intermediate players still use the Babolat Boost D as it comes with superior power.

For newbies, the racket has a big sweet spot, which gives them much space to hit the balls. Also, it is very forgiving on every mis-hit.

Weighing in at only 9.8 ounces, it is just right for those who start their tennis journey. It is heavy enough to offer stability and power without too many worries. Additionally, the racket also comes with a robust and thick frame, which offers much power for minimum efforts.

Plus, you could get the optimal comfort as this option features the Woofer Grommet system in the modern carbon fibre frame, which enhances the comfortable experience of users significantly. Besides, this product offers excellent ball control and spin for tennis novices.

Nevertheless, you could find that string tension might not be great for newbies to execute good drops and lobs.


  • Newbies could continue to use it for years
  • Big sweet spot
  • High forgiveness
  • Great ball control and spin
  • Incredible comfort


  • String tension is not right for newbies to execute good drops and lobs

#4. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket

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The Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis names in the third spot on our list. There are several reasons for its presence here.

Initially, the racket stands out for its bigger head size compared to the second product – 100 sq inches, which keeps the balls in play on the center of the strokes, not to mention, provides more forgiveness and power to players.

Plus, it is quite lightweight, making it much faster and easier to set up for shots. What we also like about this product is that it features pre-strung with an arm-friendly string designed for comfort. You might not know this, but a heavy racket could result in poor form and arm.

One of the plus points is that the grip comes with a nice cushion, which makes hitting more comfortable and easier as well as offers a good feel.

Additionally, you will love this racket as it is equipped with a matte finish with a detailed pattern on its inner rim above 3 and 9.

On top of that, on groundstrokes, this racquet swings quite fast, which makes it easier for beginners to swing for spin power.

Furthermore, the Pro Staff Team racket also feels accurate and crisp at the net. And you won’t need to worry about its speed. It is quick enough to make sure you will not be caught off guard.

With its affordable price and player-friendly playability, this racket from the brand Wilson is a great option for newbies to learn to play tennis. Not ot mention, it could work well for the skilled players, who care more about the performance than embracing the latest technology.

That said, everything does have its pros and cons. This racquet also has several points that need to be improved. For instance, it would be better if it comes with a cover. Another letdown of this product is that it creates little stability during the game because of increased vibrations.


  • Big head size for a big sweet spot
  • Deliver good feel
  • Fast swings
  • Affordable price


  • No cover
  • Little stability because of increased vibrations

#5. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

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The runner-up position on our list calls the name of the Head Microgel Radical OS. This product is upgraded from the popular Radical lineup with the exclusive MicroGel tech. For further information about this technology, it is a unique material based on the silicone with a low density.

The brand includes MicroGel material in the racket’s frame construction and around the head. The MicroGel delivers a rock-solid feel and enhanced comfort when providing high stability against twisting.

With MicroGel, ideally, this racquet will be a great option for those who have fast and long ball strokes that experienced players often perform.

Nevertheless, beginners also benefit from this technology as it limits shocks, which means less strain will be put on your shoulders, arms, and elbows. Thanks to that, those who are new to tennis could have an opportunity to improve on feel, as well as get higher stability and better ball control.

For those who prefer to control the ball direction, this technology is definitely suitable for them.

Plus, the racket’s head size is 98 sq inches, which provides a quite big sweet spot though it is a bit smaller than the first option. Additionally, it comes with a 27-inch long sharp and pre-strung with an ideal combination of balance and weight.

Moreover, its string pattern is also great, which measures 18×20. This size is dense and could give a great spin and excellent energy transfer to the balls.

Nevertheless, we find that this racket comes with a cheap, strong quality, which is a letdown at all.


  • MicroGel technology for even shock distribution
  • Excellent ball control
  • Incredible comfort
  • Less strain on shoulder, arms, and elbows


  • Cheap string quality

#6. Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19 Tennis Racquet

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When it’s time for the brand Babolat to update its Pure Drive lineup, one of the world’s most famous tennis rackets, which could become a game-changer in the modern tennis games.

The Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 stands out with its innovative Woofer Dynamic String System. This feature makes frame and string interact with strings, which provides more freedom to move. And then it will lead to greater trampoline power as well as shock absorption.

Plus, it comes with a hybrid frame that is a mixture of elliptical and square frame shapes. Thanks to that, the racket could gain a balance of feel, responsiveness, and precision.

What we are also impressed with this product is its FSI power with a low-density string bed. This will enhance comfort, playability, power, and importantly spin, which creates opportunities for beginners to improve their skills.

On top of that, those who are new to tennis will like this racket as it is super easy to use and maneuver. They could get the racquet into position easily, even when defending against hit short from a competitor or in fast net exchanges.

Also, the Babolat Strike Silver racket features free stringing. The frame comes strung at 11.3oz, and four points headlight, which makes this stick a spin generating machine.

That said, this Babolat racquet also has several cons. The first downside is that it lacks feel for shots requiring more finesse. Plus, it is still too stiff for some beginners to use.


  • Deliver more free to move
  • Improved comfort, power, playability and spin
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Free stringing feature


  • Lacks of feel for shots demanding more finesse
  • Too stiff for some to play with

 #7. HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

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Our last pick is the Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP. With an updated feel and look, this product also impressed us with several features.

Initially, the racket comes with additional wider string spacing and spin grommets, which gives it an extra spin-friendly response. Plus, it is introduced the new Graphene 360 tech that reinforces the strategic spots in the hoop for higher stability.

Not to mention, we find that this product has a near-330 swing weight and close-to-even balance. These features contributed to the solid response of the racquet.

On top of that, at net, the stability of this racquet was quite amazing for an 11.2oz racket. It could drive through serves at a high pace. Plus, the spin loads also makes this racket become a great choice for any playing styles.

Besides, it is safe to say this product is one of the most versatile models of the range. This is thanks to its average weight. With the weight of 300g and the 32.5cm balance, this racket provides maneuverability to allow you to hit any heavy shots. Meanwhile, you could lift the head easily for more spin.

What we are also impressed by this option is that the beam of the racket enhance tolerance, as well as provides better energy return to let you gain power with no need to force your arm.

Another plus point is that its 16×19 string patter could make the string move fast for better spin and maximum power.

And similar to the Babolat Boost D, you could continue to play with the Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP for years as an intermediate player tennis racket.

Excellent as this option is, you could guess its price will be higher than other models. Besides, some of the beginners could find it a bit hard to control spin at first.


  • Wider string spacing and spin grommets
  • High versatility
  • Deliver better energy return for more power
  • Beginners could continue to use for years


  • Higher price
  • A bit difficult to control spin at first

What To Look For When Buying The Best Tennis Racket For Beginners?

So you have done the top 7 best tennis racket for beginners. But hold on! There are several important things that you should consider before making a decision. These factors will help you to identify which racket is the most suitable for you accurately.

Head Size

Larger tennis racquet heads will provide more power generally. In contrast, less power will be created by smaller racquet heads. You might not know this, but the bigger the heads, the larger the sweet spot. That’s why oversized tennis racquets are often recommended to tennis novices while small and medium-sized rackets are used by more experienced players.

Here are common head sizes available:

  • Super Oversize: from 119 sq inches
  • Oversize: 106-118 sq inches
  • Mid Plus: 96-105 sq inches
  • Midsize: 85-95 sq inches


The ideal racket length is 27 inches. But, there are many tennis rackets out there are slightly longer at about 28 inches. Longer racquets deliver slightly more leverage and reach. Nevertheless, longer racquets are more difficult to maneuver and provide players with less control. The maximum length approved in the competitions is about 29 inches.


This is another critical factor that greatly affects the performance of the racquets. Beginners should use more lightweight rackets while skilled players use heavy ones. As you may know, top world tennis players like Federer and Sampras play with extremely heavy racquets. Normally, the weight of adult rackets was from 8 ounces to 12 ounces.

Sweet Spot

Should you hit a sweet spot on a racquet, it will feel extremely great. While the stroke feels quite effortless, the ball could connect well with the racquet. The players then feel little vibration in their arms. On the other hand, should you fail to hit the sweet spot, you could get much vibration in the arm, and the stroke won’t feel good anymore.

It is recommended that beginners should seek racquets with a big sweet spot for better spin and power. Meanwhile, pros normally play with racquets with the small sweet spot as they are able to connect with it consistently and gain more control.

String Pattern

Firstly, we need to differentiate between a closed string pattern and an open tennis string patterns. Well, there is a bunch of space among the strings with open string patterns. Meanwhile, the close ones are definitely the opposite.

Plus, open string patterns provide players more spin and power. That said, you could find it a bit difficult to control. The similar string in racquet with open string patterns will break more regularly than in the one with a closed string pattern.

Besides, the popular string patterns include 18×20 and 16×18. To make it easier to understand, 18 means the strings in the main while 20 in the crosses.


When buying a beginner tennis racket, you should watch out for the balance of the racket in question as it has a great impact on the height of your swings. We would say it is a crucial determinant of the weight determinant.

You should keep in mind that the racquets with the heavy head are normally powerful yet hard to maneuver due to the balance location. Meanwhile, light-head rackets offer less power but are much easy to control because the balance location is lesser halfway.


You need to consider the material of the racket as well. While aluminum is budget-friendly and lightweight, it is not sturdy. Thereby, graphite is an ideal choice with better quality. This material is also an option for beginners.

On top of that, prime quality racquets are those made with carbon fiber. That said, beginners could find it a bit difficult to play with these racquets at the early stages. Plus, the price of carbon fiber racquets is extremely high.

Grip Size

The last important factor that you need to consider is the grip size. To know the proper size, you should hold the racket with your dominant hand, then slide your other hand’s index finger between the palm base and the fingertips. If the grip is big, your index finger will get extra wiggle room. On the other hand, if the grip is small, the finger will not fit.

It is critical to choose the right grip size as it affects comfort when playing. You should also remember a too-big grip size could force you to squeeze your racquet more tightly, which will tire the arm significantly.


Which tennis racquet is the best for beginners?

The answer to this question relies on your skills. For beginners, it is recommended to go for a racket that is lightweight with a big head size, which will provide you an ideal sweet spot. Thereby, you could fine-tune your skills, as well as build up your strength.

One more thing we would like to share is that the more you practice, the stronger you will be, which allows you to concentrate on precision and control.

What is the most popular grip size?

As mentioned above, getting the proper grip size is quite important when you buy a racket. We are pretty sure that you will not want to make your muscles tired by getting the wrong grip size. Here are several grip sizes that you could consider.

Big hand size

  • 4 – 5/8 inches
  • 4 – 3/4 inches

Medium hand size

  • 4 – 1/2 inches
  • 4 – 3/8 inches

Small hand size

  • 4 – 1/4 inches
  • 4 – 1/8 inches
  • 4 inches

Which tennis racquet manufacturer is the best?

You might not know this, but each tennis racket brand offers different models to meet different playing styles of players. They have their own pros and cons. Therefore, it is a bit hard to decide which brand is the best.

That said, we have still compiled a list of several prestigious tennis racket manufacturers as follows.

  • HEAD
  • Wilson
  • Babolat

How do I select a tennis racket?

You could consider the following things to find out your own answer.

  • The head size of a racket should be 100 sq inches, at least.
  • It is also not heavier than 10.5 ounces.
  • It needs to provide a proper grip size that could fit your hand.

If a racket in question meets all the above features, congrats! You have found the proper tennis racket.

Are lighter tennis racquets better?

We also mentioned this issue earlier. The racket weight relies on your skillset. For newbies, lighter rackets are the best since it doesn’t require a lot of power. Plus, it could be easily swung as well.

Should I buy a tennis racket with “New Technology”?

Well, it might be a marketing hype from the manufacturer. As you may know, many producers screw up their products as “New and Improved,” “With Bigger Sweet Spot,” and “New Technology Racket.” However, the fact might not turn out to be like that. Thereby, the first thing you need to do when selecting a racket is not to believe such these hypes.

We would say there has not been any big breakthrough in racket technology in the latest three decades. The brands have just attempted to persuade consumers to purchase different rackets more frequently than they surely need them. That’s why they often make these commercials.

You only need to keep in mind that a well-built or sturdy racket could last for years.

Which length of a racket to choose?

Typically, tennis novices should go for rackets whose length is 27 – 28 inches. This is because this length could give players more power with better control. Also, it is quite crucial to know the longer the racket, the more power it provides yet less control.

Which materials should I choose?

Well, there are many kinds of materials that are used for making a racket. While the graphite rackets are quite light, powerful, and easy to swing, the aluminum ones are budget-friendly, yet have lower durability than the graphite rackets.

On top of that, carbon fiber and Kevlar are high-end materials, and the rackets made with them could be a bit difficult for beginners to maneuver. If you are a newbie at playing tennis, we recommend you to purchase aluminum or graphite rackets.

How do I find a powerful racket?

This is quite easy. If you are seeking more power, you only need to consider whether the racket in question is heavy or not. The power of a racket lies in its weight. The heavier your racket is, the more power it creates.

How durable is a racket?

We would say it depends on the way you take care of it. Also, for rackets with high quality, they obviously come with high durability, which could last for years.

Are there women and men’s tennis racquets?

Well, tennis rackets aren’t designed specifically for women or men. That said, it isn’t the case for juniors or kids.

Final Thoughts

That’s all what we want to share with you about the best tennis racket for beginners. So it’s your turn to decide which racket is the best for you. If you have already made up your mind to go for a racket on our list, we hope you will have a great time with it.

On the other hand, if you are still confused about the options, we recommend you to buy our first pick – the HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet for its outstanding performance in proving great control, power, and spin. However, it’s only our suggestion. It would be better if you consider your preference and demand carefully.

Thank you for reading!

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