Wilson Clash 100 Review – Perfect for Intermediate Players

Wilson Clash 100 Review

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

“The fact has proven that this racquet is an excellent selection for most tennis players, especially intermediate-level objects.”

Product highlights:

  • Maintains a powerful and controllable feel.
  • FreeFlex
  • Carbon Mapping
  • StableSmart

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What intermediate tennis racquet is the best of choice? How is the size, construction, weight, and price good enough for intermediate players? It is a headache.

Calm down! Let us introduce to you one of the excellent tennis racquets for intermediate tennis-playing – the Clash 100 from Wilson.

After reading our Wilson Clash 100 review, you will likely determine whether it is appropriate.

Now, follow us!



  • For Player: Intermediate
  • Head Size: 100 sq in
  • Length: 27 inches (68.58 cm)
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Material: Graphite
  • Cross Section: 24.5 FB
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Unstrung Balance: 31CM/10 Pts HL

Wilson Clash 100 Review: Features and Benefits

Wilson applied the technological advancement to the Clash 100 because it provides players with surprising advantages.

Innovative Technology

As far as we know, FreeFlex bends the frame in new dimensions by utilizing proprietary carbon mapping, helping players get accurate free-swinging with each stroke. In accordance with the bendable construction of the frame, StableSmart offers a unique frame geometry, maintaining superior power and stability.

The StableSmart and FreeFlex are known as two helping technologies for innovative material. And the flexibility nature of the Wilson Clash 100 is due to the unique combination of both.

Owing to the flexibility, the Clash 100 gives you preeminent control. However, these technologies cannot control all. Flexible quantities, power, and stability of the tennis racquet still have to rely on its basic attributes.

Ultra-fast Acceleration

Once again, we have to thank the StableSmart and FreeFlex.

Thanks to having FreeFlex generating advanced frame bending, players can get speedy free-swinging pace with every stroke. The pace is ultra-fast but stable. Importantly, there is plenty of power with deployment and aid of StableSmart.

Plus, the Wilson Clash 100 features 11-ounce strung as well as the low 312-RDC. For those who strongly ask a fast movement, these characteristics are perfect.

Furthermore, with the quite high playable attributes of the Clash 100, it also contributes to getting to instill the confidence of the tennis players holding the racket.

Excellent Head-Light Balance

The racquet head size range is from 85 to 135 in². In theory, the racquets with larger head sizes will offer more power. Those who want to get more control, frequently choose a smaller head size.

So, how much is Clash 100 head size?

As previously stated, the Wilson Clash 100 has 100 sq. in head size. This size range provides a sturdy combination of control and power. Hence, it is especially attractive to beginners and players at the intermediate level.

In its superior performance, this racquet features a head-light balance. Ensure that you feel a minimum extent in its weight when swinging. Even you can perform different swing styles, swinging freely and confidentially.

Wilson Clash 100 Tour

Performance on the Field

Being a remarkably flexible racquet, The Wilson Clash 100 can help maintain a powerful and controllable feel. It is equipped with juxtaposed technologies – FreeFlex and StableSmart, maintaining excellent stability and efficient free-swinging precision.

As a result, players may comfortably enjoy and promote their ability in point play.

Sweet Spot

In general, more flexible racquets will likely offer a more forgiving sweet spot, but having said that, they are not effective for attacking shots at the net as well as handling longer rallies.

To cope with this, Wilson Clash 100 provides a credible balance between flexibility and stability. The 10.4-ounce weight allows mid-level to advanced players to control well to return a skillful kick serve.


Intermediate and advanced tennis players using the Clash 100 can swing with all their capacities without pain, while power and spin can still achieve the optimal level.

It is a well-known fact that the Wilson Clash 100 is an excellent partner for boosting the power and spin, not putting additional pressure on the player’s body.

That is a nice result of the ideal head size (100 square inches) and an exceptional one-piece string pattern featuring 16mains/19crosses (no-shared holes). If compared to the requirement of modern-day players, the Wilson Clash 100 is superb in control, pocketing, and touch.


The Clash 100 allows players to get the balls under the racquet head in ease, owing to the extensive sweet spot, controlling the spin potential, and landing the balls accurately.

What about bumps in groundstroke?

Well, players in the backhand or forehand can conveniently overcome because of the high angle of this racket. Players likely perform aggressive shots in the game.


At the intermediate level, players will likely get incredible performance and comfort with the Wilson Clash 100. Its stability brings optimal power and spin with minimal fuss for launching it back.

The Clash 100 is the ease of into position. In volleys, angled shots need more feel. Fortunately, the Clash 100 has the muted response for feeling, hitting in the sweet spot, and ball pocketing greatly.

In longer volleys, the added-weight hoop makes this racket more maneuverable. The exchanging speed at the net is fast, and you can even hit more angled shots. So great!


Any tennis player cannot lack serves – the most vital point of contention. If you serve with heavier rackets, you cannot get the best speed of the racquet head for hitting the ball. On the contrary, lighter racquets are good for speed, but they are less stable and active.

Don’t have to worry about these as players can get both with the Wilson Clash 100.

It creates more swing speed and allows players to access the power and spin. Typically, the Clash’s serves are easy to achieve perfect overall power.

Making the opponent take plenty of time to react, the Clash 100 provides the sharp serves, by generating a lot of racquet head speed. You can almost penetrate the court.


The strong stability makes the Wilson Clash 100 become a dangerous weapon on the returns. Due to the spin, maneuverability, and power, this racquet is superior on block returns. When you receive the ball from the strong opponent, balancing as well as winding, these features help you perform the returns well.

Clash 100 From Wilson

Pros & Cons

What advantages and disadvantages can players meet when choosing to use the Wilson Clash 100?


  • The first upside is flexibility.

Designed with mechanic technology (FreeFlex) and advancing technique (StableSmart), the Wilson Clash 100 is affirmed more outstanding swiftness than many competing opponents.

  • Another plus is the ease of acceleration pace.

This upside helps take intrusive cuts at balls when you go extra pace and spin. It is noticeable that players can avail of this advantage to get a defence superiority over their opponent.

Adding flexibility to the Clash 100, Wilson has built up this racquet with full of power and speed. These essential features bring a better chance to players who beat their opponent.

  • Not only is this tennis racquet maneuverable, but its stability is also efficient.

You can comfortably switch at any specific space. With the Wilson Clash 100, it is appropriate for both hands (forehand or backhand is okay). Ideally, it supports intermediate players in the defensive game that can switch to the offensive quickly.

  • You are holding a beautiful tennis racquet in hand.

The unique color and construction can make this racquet look more beautiful at the net.

The racquets under 300 grams are less accurate than the heavy racquets. Nonetheless, that does not occur to the Wilson Clash 100. You are easy to put the ball precisely where you desire. Many players even appreciate that they can play balls after the bounce.


  • It is not too ideal for starters.

Based on the design of the Wilson Clash 100, persons who are practising to play tennis are not recommended for selecting this racquet. Because of having a head speed, it requires experienced players to control.

  • The next downside is smashing overboard.

The Wilson Clash 100 has a higher launch angle, affecting the success of your strokes. Occasionally, the ball will fly off your racquet and land over baseline later.

  • It is less powerful than Tour models.

We do not deny that the Clash 100 offers a vast power. Yet, if you use this racquet for a professional competition, it can beat the Tour options.

  • The price is less affordable.

You will have to pay over $200 to own the Wilson Clash 100. With a lower budget, you do not think of this racquet. Let’s give up!

Final Verdict about Wilson Clash 100

Our Wilson Clash 100 review provided you with full information that is helpful for your choice. The fact has proven that this racquet is an excellent selection for most tennis players, especially intermediate-level objects.

It is probably expensive a bit, but you can get great experience in the competition.

After all, the decision is to depend on your need, preference, and budget. Let’s read carefully and then make a smart investment.

Luck to you!

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